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Holiday Mandala Ornament - Rose Ponsettia

Holiday Mandala Ornament - Rose Ponsettia


Handpainted Glass Holiday Mandala Ornaments - "Rose Poinsettia" - 4 pack


These are 4 beautiful glass bulbs. I handpaint all my works with professional acrylic paints in many different colours. 


Bulb colour: Black

Ribbon: Gold or Variable depending on what I have in supply

Size: 2.5 inches


These ornaments are made of glass, so please handle with care when hanging or storing.


The listing above is for 4 ornaments with the same design, in a holiday colour scheme. If you wish to have multiple items (greater than 4), or a even a slightly different design, please message me and I can create them for you.


My process: Each bulb takes approximately three 4-6 hours to make, not including several days of drying and curing time on top. If you wish to have a customized order, please allot up to a week for completion (prior to shipping) - base colour of bulb varies, depending on availability.


Your ornament 4 - pack is shipped in one box, with each ornament bubblewrap protected. 


Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my work !


Vibrational Art for your Soul

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