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Being creative is a deep passion of mine. Since as a young child, I gravitated to paint, art, colour, and anything with either a brush, needle, wools and threads or even a computer keyboard attached to it! As long it was colourful it sang a song in my heart.

Let's just sum it up. For almost my entire life to date, I have always sought to create. I look at life as a myriad of possibilities to create new things, seeking new perspectives, and shifting how people view things. Steeped in many forms of Ukrainian artistic culture practically from birth (!),  I worked with a number of mediums - painting Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky) with precise tools,  but all in all, playing with patterns of different layers laced with symbolism and meaning; needlepoint and cross-stitch with threads and wools - all staying within my Ukrainian cultural roots and designs. 


I then gravitated to tinkering with a compass - spending hours not doing homework day after day, all the while, drawing circles and spirals on paper creating various designs. A nature girl at heart, I would spend many hours getting lost among the trees and rocks, letting them speak to me, filling me with their stories and messages for the heart. My art has evolved over time to include universal themes and symbology - mandalas, fractals, sacred geometry, and nature art which includes faces in stone and wood. I combine many materials with my creations - crystals, feathers, wood, and whatever speaks to me and needs to present itself, to come into form.

I am a child of the Universe, and I cannot not create. Period. And I am stirred from within when I call myself and Energy Artist, for my intention is to shift energy within your hearts when you view my creations. Nothing is ever really pre-planned when I put my tools to canvas or clay. I allow it to speak to me as I go along, thus whatever you see in the end becomes one-of-kind with its own unique energy. Channeled art is ultimately what I do.

I hope you enjoy my work and reflections.

Olena "The Starchild"


Vibrational Art for your Soul

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