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3D Mandala Stone - Red Dahlia

3D Mandala Stone - Red Dahlia


Mandala Hand-Painted Stone: "Red Dahlia"


A beautiful hand painted stone by me, is also handmolded from gypsum and silica, with a mandala design. You can use this mandala stone for many purposes - meditation, reflection, grounding, a decorative art for your home or garden, or even a conversation piece!


This stone has a flat base, which sits evenly on a table, is 3.25" wide and approximately 1.25" high. It fits easily in the palm of your hand. These can be used both indoors and outdoors - glazed and resin sealed to protect against UV light fading and the outdoor elements.


Makes a unique gift for you or for that special someone in your life.


NOTE: Custom colours are always available. If you like the design and wish to have your preferred colours instead, let me know. I can customize any stone for you.


Vibrational Art for your Soul

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